Steel BUIlders

Here you will find the builders who work in Steel.



An offshoot the the infamous Vanilla Workshop, Speedvagen is the brainchild of builder Sacha White who wanted to produce semicustom steel racing machines with a relatively short turn around after his Vanilla bikes had reached a two plus year waiting list. Hand built, painted and assembled completely in house in their Portland, Oregon workshop they have gained recognition world wide for they beautiful bikes.


Legor Cicli

Mattia Pagnotti is an Italian that calls Barcelona home. His passion for frame building came as a young man and cycling had a long family history. Spending time under some of the Italian building greats Mattia honed his skills and builds beautiful bikes though we especially like his work in the gravel bike sector. When he is not in the shop he is typically shredding the hills behind Barcelona or riding the tandem gravel with his wife.