We work with a select number of builders to offer our clients a truly custom bike experience.

If its the incredible ride quality of steel or the advanced tech of carbon, we have you covered. The process always starts the same - with a chat. We want to envision your dream ride. From there we will get you out testing some of our demo bikes because we firmly believe riding is believing and we want you to be confident in your decision. Then we will begin our work on the fit - this is a custom bike after all. The information from the bike fit will be given to your chosen builder and now the build process truly begins.

Now comes the hardest part of the process, the paint, it will take time and consume your mind but we will end up with a bike that speaks your language and expresses your personality. The final build is quite easy. We offer two standard finishing kits for different budgets but we can also look for those special, extra exotic bits to really take this bike to the limit!

Below you will find some info on builders we work with as well as some bikes we have built for our customers.




With Sacha White of Vanilla Workshop behind the wheel, Speedvagen produce semi-custom steel racing machines, with a relatively short turn around after his Vanilla bikes had reached a two-plus year waiting list! Hand built, painted and assembled completely in-house in their Portland, Oregon workshop, they have gained recognition worldwide for their beautiful bikes.


Legor Cicli

Mattia Pagnotti is an Italian that calls Barcelona home. His passion for frame building came as a young man and cycling had a long family history. Spending time under some of the Italian building greats Mattia has perfected his skills and builds beautiful bikes - we especially like his work in the gravel bike sector! When he is not in the shop he is typically shredding the hills behind Barcelona or riding his tandem gravel bike with his wife.


Belle Cycles

Kiko arrived in Barcelona from Italy in 2010 and began his work as a frame builder there after many years as a precision metals worker. He began by working for other builders before finally putting that experience into play by starting his own brand in 2016. With a clear philosophy that aesthetic should follow function, building bikes to be ridden everywhere, in every condition and for a long time.