full day guiding

Ready for a day jam packed with breathtaking climbs, views and food? So are we! Let's go. Book now for a full day guided ride today and we will show you a side of Girona we know you'll love!


Coffee at the beach

  • Distance: 110.9km
  • Elevation: 1,400m
  • Estimated ride time: 4:53:25

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Sant Hilari Sacalm

  • Distance: 98.5km
  • Elevation: 1,384m
  • Estimated ride time: 4:20:30

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  • Distance: 73.0km
  • Elevation: 1,518m
  • Estimated ride time: 3:13:14

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St Mart Sacalm-Panta Susqueda-St Hilari-Brunyola

  • Distance: 143.1km
  • Elevation: 2,643m
  • Estimated ride time: 6:18:27

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