Merino Sweater

Merino Sweater


Keep warm and look damn good in these Merino Wool sweaters we did up with our friends at Cima Coppi. Wear it for your morning commute, business meetings or next multi day cycling adventure! However you decide to use this beautiful piece your body temp will be well regulated with the added bonus that Merino does not absorb odours, keeping you smelling fresh all day long!

Features a back zip pocket to hold a wallet or phone while riding.

100% European 285gm Merino Wool, designed and made by hand in Oviedo, Spain.

Care: Hand wash in cold water with minimal wool-safe soap. Squeeze out as much water as possible without wringing the garment. Lay flat to dry in a warm, dry place (preferred), or gently drape the garment from the center over a clothesline in the sun. Do NOT put it in the dryer. Note: Harsh sunlight will fade some colours over time as is common.

Refreshing your garment: Wool garments don't need to be washed after every single use because the wool's lanolin is bacteria resistant. Less washing is the most effective way to reduce associated environmental impacts of our clothing. Instead, hang your jersey in the gentle evening sun after your ride or refresh it after wearing by hanging it in a steamy bathroom. It will be surprisingly odour-free and ready for your next ride.

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