Enve 3.4 Review


We are big fans of Enve products. I could explain all the reasons why but you probably already know. Not to long ago now Enve did a product launch for the new 3.4 SES at The Service Course, inviting journos from all over Europe to come down to Girona hear what these new wheels were all about and most importantly get out on the open roads and wind these babies up. This also meant that we got our hands on some those 3.4s and they now form a part of our rental program for the you to come and try them on our rental bikes or on your own bike. 

The rundown. The updated version on the 3.4 SES includes updated braking surface, providing 30% better braking than the previous 3.4 SES and impressively equal braking in wet and dry conditions, big call that last one and we are still working on testing that because it just doesn't rain much around here. Also updated is the rim width to better accommodate 25mm tires and the wheels are now tubeless ready. Interestingly Enve claims the new rim has lost 1w aerodynamics in the wind tunnel but has gained more than that back in speed with the lower rolling resistance offered by tubeless tires. They also boast a 5 year warranty on the rim, now that's confidence in a product, and comes with a tubeless conversion kits, 4 sets of brake pads, regular rim strips, valve extenders and skewers all in the box.

The ride. We mounted our wheels with Schwable One Pro 25mm tubeless tires, they did come with Vittoria Corse Speed TR but they were only 23mm and we where struggling to have them holding air well so we decided to swap them out. The Schwables were easy to mount and inflate with a floor pump and have been holding air quite well. Rolling out the door the wheels felt more snappy than the 4.5 SES we had been riding previously though they are still more than fast enough for most of especially over a varied terrain and you will definitely feel their speed on the flats and when you tuck in on the downhills. Also importantly the more rounded shape of the front wheel makes them easy to handle in crosswind situations and gusty descents.  

One thing that most brands don't talk so much about is actually building a comfortable wheel, mostly its about being aero and stiff. Enve has built in vertical compliance into the wheel to make a wheel that is not only aero but comfortable to ride, the idea being simple, by making a wheel that doesn't beat the body up with harshness you can ride longer and arrive to the crucial moments of a race(if you race) fresher. For me this is even more important as a non racer because at the end of the day we just want to spend more time on the bike and cover greater distances and if this wheel can allow us to be more areo and at the same time more comfortable what is not to love? 

It is quite easy to see why this is Enve´s most sold wheel set to date.

If these wheels sounds interesting to you the best thing you can do is come in and try the wheels for yourself. We offer a demo program lets you hire the wheels on our rental bikes or on your own bike and we have in the range 2.2 SES, 3.4 SES and 4.5 SES along with 5.6 SES for disc brakes.


Price- €2900 for DT Swiss 240 hubs

           €3200 for Chris King hubs

           €3600 for Enve Ceramic hubs


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