A trip to Portland.


Bikes and coffee, a match made in heaven. Hand built steel racing machines and world renowned coffee is a match made in Portland. To complete our Speedvagen fleet of rental bikes I had no choice to head to Portland in person to pick up the remaining frames and join for the ¨Surprise Me¨ party to unveil this year´s one off paint scheme. Then there was also the coffee research part of the trip to see whats going on out there and help us improve our coffee programs at La Fabrica and Espresso Mafia. You can see my hands where tied, I had to go.... its business! ;)

Arriving at the Vanilla Workshop the first day I was quickly into the tour of operations, fabrication, paint and bike assembly, everyone welcoming me and evening letting me paint some of the golden circles that make a part of this year´s ¨Surprise Me¨ paint scheme. Jigs, files and machine equipment make are a stark contrast to the polished final product that leaves after passing though many hands and finally arrives meticulously packed at your doorstep.

At The Service Course we will be starting to work closely with Speedvagen to help it´s European customers or potential customers come to our shop to see the bikes in the flesh, check out the different paint schemes and take a bike out for a ride to help you make your decisions easier, I understand the struggle because I had to make them all myself too.  That being said the rest of my days were spent with the bike assembly crew learning about details that go into each build up, following along through a fitting with Sacha on a customer, and even being a part of bike unveiling for a customer that had traveled from Jakarta to pick up his ¨Surprise Me¨ bike.

So what is it that makes a Speedvagen bike so great? There is the great ride quality of steel, there is the incredible paint jobs but the truly unique point is the fitting style of Sacha, not your typical fit based on numbers and angles but instead he focuses on finding your body´s natural position on the bike, a balanced rider makes for a balanced bike. Build a bike under a rider instead of putting a rider on a bike. Speedvagen believes that the fit process is such a key factor for their bikes that they started doing fit tours around the world to go directly to the customers. They always say the best upgrade you can make is to go for the custom frame option, upgrade those wheels next year. 

So get yourself to Girona for our Speedvagen Experience and join us, meet Sacha, ride a bike on Girona best roads, do a fitting and get that order in!

The Service Course