TSC x Velocio Ride


Since the beginning we have always aimed to partner with brands with a similar vision of what we believe cycling to be. It's not any one thing which makes cycling the best sport. It's the elements that come together to create a sport that once you start, you can't stop. Whether that be the friendships you form, the route to unimaginable places or the kit that allows you to get there in comfort. Velocio is a brand that holds this thought throughout their planning, design and production. Thinking of the details from the eyes and mind of a rider and constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance a riders experience, while remembering the fundamental pleasures of riding a bike.

To mark the release of Velocio’s new 'Trail Collection' we hosted a morning of gravel, beginning with pastries and ending with a traditional Catalan lunch. The mixed terrain 60km was the perfect example of our love for adventure and discovery. A stunning route with a few unexpected twists and turns, with some lumps and bumps added in there somewhere too!

Here is a photo story to give you an insight into our day with Velocio.

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Thank you to all of the riders who made this a day to remember and to Velocio for partnering with us to create an awesome day out!