WHY? The Service Course


Why did we start a business in bikes? You might think it would be an obvious move because I did spend a third of my life so far racing bikes as a professional rider, but it also comes from other passions. Both Amber and I have come to gain a strong passion for the hospitality industry after opening our two cafes, La Fabrica and Espresso Mafia, and realising how much we enjoyed engaging with people–that through the simple act of brewing your morning coffee and serving it with a smile we could make a positive impact on people’s days. Sure, we do love coffee and take pride in trying to deliver an exceptional cup, but what we are mostly dealing in is the customer experience.

The Service Course came from the same idea: yes we have a passion for bikes and cycling all the little roads that weave through the picturesque landscape of Girona, but even more we want to offer people an experience that will make their holiday one to remember. During the first two years at La Fabrica, we listened. Our future clients were coming in every day and telling us what they wanted. They wanted luxury bike rentals, so we we got Fara and custom steel bikes with Dura Ace, E-tap etc.–top of the line. They wanted services, so we got a full time mechanic, a massage therapist, offered airport shuttle, lockers, showers, laundry services and opened 7 days per week. They wanted trips, so we built options on road and gravel, from week-long to long weekend getaways. They wanted to shop for unique and exclusive cycling products, so we sourced some of the very best from the industry like Attaquer and Velocio. They just wanted to relax, enjoy their holiday and not have to worry about the details, so we opened The Service Course.

We believe life should be full of exceptional experiences and we would love to provide you with the cycling ones.

- Christian